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Steve Hiatt


Vote Center Locations

Dear Davis County Republican, 


Thank you for your interest in my campaign!  I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me, my experience, qualifications.

As a life-long resident of Davis County, I have always had an affection for service. I was raised by a school teacher who taught me the value of hard work and the importance of service. I love Davis County. It is the only home I’ve ever known. I have a strong desire to keep Davis County the very best place for our families to live and our businesses to thrive.

For the past seven years, I have served as mayor of Kaysville City. I have strived to be an innovative thinker and a hard-working leader. In that process, I have earned the trust and respect of my constituents as well as many Davis County leaders.

While we have accomplished many great things in Kaysville, I feel impressed to expand my conservative principals of public service to all Davis County residents and businesses.  With your support, I pledge my continued commitment to being a voice for the people and an advocate for efficiency as we look for proactive and innovative ways to keep taxes low while maintaining the level of service that makes Davis County great! 

I am serious about earning your vote.  During this election process, I look forward to meeting and talking with many of you about ways we can work together to ensure Davis County remains the very best place to work, live, and play!

We deserve leaders who understand the value of teamwork and the importance of building honest, collaborative relationships of trust.  We need leaders who don't misrepresent facts and engage in negative campaigning.  We need leaders who have the capacity to unify our communities and work together to serve the residents of Davis County.


I believe that I am such a leader. With your support and vote, I pledge my commitment to fair and honest public service…today, tomorrow and throughout my entire term!





Steve A. Hiatt



"Common sense and 

innovative leadership are

critical for a successful

Davis County.  

This means we are proactive

on issues that affect people's lives;

such as responsible growth, transparency, lower taxes,

citizen support & 

participation, support of

existing businesses and prioritizing effective economic development strategies."


-Steve Hiatt

I will work hard and look for innovative ways to keep you informed and involved. I am a strong advocate for transparency.  


While many residents may not possess a strong desire to attend every public meeting, we should still make every effort to bring our meetings, deliberations and discussions to every member of the public.  


During my tenure as mayor, we've utilized cost-effective technologies to become the very first Davis County city to "Live Stream" all city council meetings over the internet.  We successfully launched as an opportunity for our residents to electronically attend any city council meeting, anytime, anywhere.


In addition, we launched one of the first "Government Transparency Sites" in Davis County.  We pioneered the mindset of making every document, page, and discussion available to the public.  


If elected, I will strive to implement similar policies and ensure the effective utilization of technology to champion efforts for even more sunshine on Davis County operations.



Responsible economic growth management is the key to business success in Davis County.  Each community has goals and priorities in how they want to grow.  Davis County has a unique responsibility to coordinate and collaborate economic development efforts with every city throughout the county.  


Smart growth means we advocate for retention of our zoned commercial areas.  We coordinate with cities so that efforts are done in concert with one another not in competition with one another.   


We need leaders who have experience in successful economic development strategies.  As mayor, I have been successful in leading Kaysville in one of the largest commercial growth expansions in the city's history.  


As a small business owner of 15 years, I've experienced the blessings that come from success and the refinement that comes with failure.  I not only know how to weather a storm, but how to avoid it.  I know what it means to bring people together, to roll up our sleeves and get to work.




As residents of Davis County, we expect core services to be delivered as efficiently as possible. As the county continues to grow, the demand for high quality services and infrastructure will do likewise.


We need leaders who know how to optimize management of our limited resources while limiting the expansion and growth of government. This can be accomplished with prioritization of policies that focus on thoughtful gains of efficiency.


I pledge to collaborate with all elected leaders to find improved ways to enhance the quality of government service while eliminating unnecessary redundancies.


Nobody is ever in favor of tax increases, including me. I will dedicate myself to the creation of successful performance measures that will elevate the level of service while minimizing costs. I won't rest until we successfully implement policies that provide measurable results for quality & cost efficiency.



As one of the major economic generators in Davis County, the vision and future of Hill Air Force Base should be a top priority for Northern Utah.


I have been and will continue to be a champion and advocate for Hill Air Force Base.  For two years I served as Honorary Commander of the 388th Fighter Wing.  I continue to be active in initiatives that promote and support the mission of Hill.  I currently serve as a board member for the Utah Defense Alliance, working to strengthen and support all appropriate governmental and private enterprises in their accomplishments of national defense objectives.  


The UDA's mission is to expand investment and employment opportunities in defense and aerospace-related industries, support Utah military missions, workload, and force structure while developing innovative projects for the future.  We strengthen the defense industry as a prime economic development engine in Utah and promote the availability of a highly-skilled workforce to support the defense/aerospace industry, especially here in Davis County.


(2016 Election)

"I don't think anyone can doubt Mayor Steve Hiatt's commitment to his constituents and his ability to actually getting things done.  Steve really goes to bat for his residents.  He is a respected leader who is committed to Davis County and understands what it means to be a citizen advocate." 


                                           -Congressman Rob Bishop - Utah, 1st District 

"Steve Hiatt is a dedicated leader who not only grasps the issues, but goes to work to get things done!  His unwavering support of Hill Air Force Base has earned him the respect of key leaders who recognize Hill's pivotal role in our local economy.  He is undoubtedly the clear choice for Davis County Commissioner." 

                 -Senator J. Stuart Adams, Majority Whip - Utah State Senate

"Steve is highly regarded for his fairness, insight, and leadership, not only by his present constituents ( who have twice overwhelmingly placed him at their helm) but by multiple county and state leaders as well.  He is well prepared to serve as a county commissioner."

                   -Louenda H. Downs, Former Davis County Commission Chair


"I support Mayor Steve Hiatt because he has the obvious leadership skills, knowledge and experience to hit the ground running as an effective and trusted Davis County Commissioner."

                                                               -Mayor Randy Lewis, Bountiful City


"I have known Mayor Hiatt throughout his community service life.  I have witnessed firsthand his deliberate attention to the needs of the community.  His manner of leadership reflects his personal integrity and gritty determination to do the right thing.  We need leaders of Steve’s caliber.  He will bring to the county not only the insights he’s gained from his service as mayor, but also the common sense conservative passion that is the essence of Davis County."      -Rep. Brad Wilson 

                                 Majority Asst. Whip, Utah House of Representatives


"Davis County needs a leader like Steve Hiatt who is respected at all levels of community and government.  Steve is a level-headed, common-sense collaborator who dedicates himself to the citizens he represents.  He is well prepared for the task and is ready to get to work.  Why elect a county commissioner who will eventually grow into the position when we need someone who will hit the ground running from Day 1—Steve is ready now to help lead our great county."


-Commissioner John (JP) Petroff - Chair, Davis County Commission

" I have known Steve for many years and know his willingness to work hard and listen to all sides."

-Tamara Lowe, Davis County School Board



"Davis County is experiencing tremendous growth in all of its cities.  We need a business leader who not only understands the economic needs of Davis County communities, but possesses the business acumen that will aid in developing job growth and bolstering the business community.  Steve Hiatt possesses the necessary experience and foresight to help make this happen for all communities in Davis County."   

                                                                 -Mayor Bob Stevenson, Layton City


"Mayor Hiatt has the respect of those who serve with him in Davis County.  He has not only demonstrated outstanding leadership at home in Kaysville, but also in his state-wide work as Vice President for the League of Cities and Towns. He is a person that knows how to get the important things done as he tackles citizen issues head on.  I can think of no better person to be my Davis County commissioner."  

                                                      -Mayor Erik Craythorne, West Point City 


"Steve Hiatt is an exceptional leader.  His leadership experience has been exemplified by honesty, integrity and fairness.  He is diligent in listening to the concerns of his constituents, then making the best decision on each issue.  He personifies the young, driven, forthright individual who will make an excellent ambassador for Davis County!"  

                                                                                        -Johnnie V. Cook, MD. 

"I am very pleased to add my endorsement to Steve Hiatt for Davis County Commissioner. I have worked with Steve extensively for the last several years in my role as a Commissioner as well as Chamber President. He is hard working and intelligent and has the experience as a mayor and city councilman that I feel will add to the balance in our County Commissioners. Since we are losing Commissioner Petroff who had been a mayor and city councilman, Steve can fill that gap. It is very important that our County Commissioners understand the challenges faced by the leaders of each of our cities, and Steve is the right man to fill that assignment."                                                                                  

                                 -Commissioner Jim Smith, Davis County Commission


(2016 Election)

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Senator J. Stuart Adams  -  Majority Whip - Utah State Senate
Scott Anderson  -  President & CEO, Zions Bank 
Mayor Len Arave  -  North Salt Lake City

Rep. Stewart Barlow - Utah House of Representatives
Mayor Erik Craythorne  -  West Point City

Mayor Paul Cutler  -  Centerville City  
Louenda H. Downs  -  Former Davis County Commission Chair

Rep. Steve Handy  -  Utah House of Representatives
Councilwoman Beth Holbrook - Bountiful City 
Mayor Randy Lewis  -  Bountiful City
Tamara Lowe  -  Davis County School Board

Mayor Beverly MacFarlane - Sunset City
Bill McGuire  -  Former Chief Deputy, Davis County Attorney
Commissioner John (JP) Petroff  -  
Chair, Davis County Commission
Mayor Mark Shepherd  -  Clearfield City 

Commissioner Jim Smith  -  Davis County Commission 
Mayor Bob Stevenson  -  Layton City
Rep. Brad Wilson - Majority Assistant Whip, Utah House of Representatives


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Jerry & Julie Bovee

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Dan & Jan Yeaman



Does Experience Matter? To Review the Current Commission Member Assignments                 .  As a life-long resident of Davis County, I have always had an affection for service.  I love Davis County. It's the only home I've ever known.  I have a strong desire to keep Davis County the very best place for our families to live and our businesses to thrive. 


I have served the past eight years on the Kaysville City Council, six of those as mayor.  Campaigning on a platform of open, fair and transparent government, I was elected as Kaysville’s mayor in November 2009--the youngest mayor in the State of Utah and was reelected in 2013 by two-thirds of Kaysville’s electorate.


Leading a community of nearly 30,000 residents, I have worked hard to grow Kaysville in a responsible manner, while maintaining the quaint atmosphere and designation as "Utah's Hometown." In addition to my mayoral duties, I have served on many boards and councils and received several recognitions including:


  • Wasatch Front Regional Council Member

  • Economic Development Corporation of Utah Board Member

  • Wasatch Integrated Waste Board Member

  • Vice President, Utah League of Cities and Towns 

  • Honorary Commander for the US Air Force's 388th Fighter Wing

  • Chairman, Davis County Council of Governments

  • Chairman, Utah Mortgage Regulatory Commission 

  • Utah Defense Alliance Representative

  • Zions Bank Advisory Board Member 

  • Kaysville Rotary Club Member - A Paul Harris Fellow

  • Recognized as one of Northern Utah's "40 Under 40"

I was born and raised in Clearfield, graduating from Clearfield High School.  I served a two year church mission in the Philippines where I learned to speak fluent Tagalog (Philippine National Language).  


After returning home, I began working for US Bank in the Centerville Super Target where I met my sweetheart, Brooke.  Brooke was born and raised in Bountiful and graduated from Woods Cross High School.  After graduation, she worked as a Front-End Manager for the same Super Target.  When I first saw her, I had a pounding in my chest and felt deep in my heart that she was the one.  We were married on February 14, 2000 in the Salt Lake Temple.  As they say, the rest is history!  


Between the two of us, we have deep roots and associations throughout all of Davis County.  After we married, we decided to "meet in the middle" and make our home in Kaysville."  With our three boys, Cayden (12), Cameron (8) and Easton (6), we enjoy a happy family with our two dogs, bearded dragon and five fish.  


Professionally, I own and operate Wasatch Capital Mortgage, a successful mortgage brokerage located in Kaysville.  Brooke and I have built our company into a well known, respectable community mortgage lender.  In July 2010, I was appointed by Governor Gary Herbert to the Utah Mortgage Regulatory Commission where I currently serve as Chair.


I was recently featured in the March issue of Wasatch View Magazine as a "Face in the Crowd." You can view the article by clicking on the image below. 






Committee to Elect Steve Hiatt

697 North 240 East

Kaysville, UT 84037


Email: Steve@Steve

Mobile: (801) 644-2464 

Home:   (801) 444-2464


Want to support the campaign?  

To volunteer, have your name added as a "Supporter," receive a yard sign, etc. 

Fill out the contact form below and indicate where you would like to help! 

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